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Get Your Best Workout at Home with These 10 Easy Exercises

Stick to the basics when you’re short on time but want to get a full body workout in. Daily exercise is very important, but we know it can be very overwhelming with the amount of information available. These 10 exercises can be combined to do as often as a every day or a few times a week. You should see improvement within a month with this simple but very powerful routine.

1. Lunges

Lunges are going to help promote functional movement while challenging your glutes and legs. Make sure you’re standing with your feet shoulder length apart and switch off right then left. Complete three sets on each leg, 10 reps each, and make sure your knee doesn’t go past your foot.

2. Push-ups

Push-ups are one of the most effective bodyweight exercises you can do because of the number of muscles you use to complete them. Begin in a plank position and keep your core tight. Keep your back straight and lower yourself to the floor. Complete as many as possible!

3. Squats

Squats engage some of the largest muscles in your body, so they not only are a great workout, but they burn the most calories. They help increase core lower body strength and increase flexibility. Keep your feet shoulder-length apart and engage your core while you squat. Keep your back straight and hold when you get to a “chair” position. Complete 3 sets of 20 reps.

4. Overhead Dumbbell Presses

Over the shoulder dumbbell presses help work your arms, back and core. Try with a set of lightweight dumbbells if you’re new to working out. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder length apart, and push the dumbbells up over your head slowly, then back down and hold. Try doing 3 reps of 12 to start.

5. Dumbbell Rows

Dumbbell row exercises help keep your back toned and engage your core. You can use the same size dumbbell as the one used for your overhead presses. Keep your waist at a 45-degree angle and hang your weights in front of you. Pull up slowly to the sides of your chest, hold, and then release slowly. Don’t drop the weights, you risk accidentally letting go! Complete 3 reps of 12, same as your previous exercise.

6. Single Leg Dead Lifts

This exercise uses your dumbbell to challenge your balance. Begin by standing with your knees somewhat bent with your dumbbells in your hands. Slowly lean forward, keeping your back straight, and kick out your right leg. Once you’re at a comfortable height, hold and then bring down and do the same with the left leg. Engage your core while doing so! Do the same amount of reps as your lunges.

7. Burpees

We love to hate them, but burpees always delivery. They not only promote cardiovascular health; they also are a whole-body workout that deliver great muscle strength. You can see a video on how to do the right burpee here.

8. Side Planks

Don’t neglect core-strengthening exercises like side planks. Lie on your right side, with one foot stacked onto the other. Prop yourself up with your forearm and then tighten your core to lift yourself off the ground, hips included, and then return to a relaxed state. Focus on the mind to muscle connection and keep the movement controlled for best results. Do 3 sets of 10 reps on each side of your body.

9. Sit-Ups

They may seem basic, but sit-ups are a great form of exercise to target your abdominal muscles if you’re a beginner to working out. Lay on the ground with your knees bent and put your hands behind your head. Roll up to your knees while engaging your core and hold when you reach the top. Release slowly and repeat. Try completing 3 reps of 15 at first.

10. Glute Bridge

The glute bridge effectively works your entire posterior chain, which isn’t only good for you, but will make work on your abs too. Lay on your back with your arms to your sides, knees bent, and push up your hips to the sky. Squeeze your core and contract your glutes when you get to the top and then slowly bring back down to the floor. Complete 3 sets or 10.  

5 Easy Ways to Reverse Signs of Aging Naturally!

Not only do we have concern about our skin when we get older, there are also other signs of aging that we wish we could do without. Thinning hair, dry hands and yellowing teeth all give away our age. Try these natural ways to help combat not only your skin’s aging, but also other factors we’re self-conscious about. There are plenty of DIY at-home remedies you can try to appear younger.

Keep in mind an active lifestyle is the easiest at home activity you can do to stay younger. Your outer beauty is a direct reflection on your inner health. Try to commit to a regular, daily exercise routine and incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. These basics are the best ways you can combat aging from the inside out!

1. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Not only are wrinkles and fine lines a direct result of poor diet, lack of exercise and genetics, but they are also formed by exhaustion. Your skin cells break down and belly fat forms when you’re low on sleep. Cortisol levels lessen when you’re not getting at least 8 hours of sleep, which restores your youthful appearance. Also be sure to drink enough water, at least 8 glasses a day.

2. Get fuller, thicker hair. Almost 50% of women see thinning hair as they get older. Most can be contributed to genetics, but over processing and excessive brushing or styling also is a contributor. Try to give yourself a scalp massage daily (or get your husband to!). You can also soak your hair in coconut oil or olive oil before you wash your hair on your hair washing days. Also consider eating more leafy greens or taking a supplement with zinc, biotin, and iron to improve your overall hair health.

3. Eliminate red eyes. Your bloodshot eyes are not only a sign of lack of sleep but also aging. Excess electronic usage, allergies or even a poor diet are a contributor too. Try consuming more food with antioxidants, to reduce inflammation, like sweet potatoes, cucumbers, garlic and almonds.

4. Moisturize and restore dry hands. Your hands are most often forgotten about when you invest in high priced creams for your face, however they give away our age too. Your hands have very delicate skin, form sunspots early on and tend to show veins because of the thin skin on our wrists and fingers. Try purchasing a luxury hand cream and committing to applying it daily. If you don’t lie lotion on your hands, apply at night and wear gloves to sleep.

5. Whiten your teeth. Healthy, white teeth are the best thing you can do for your face. A yellow or browning smile can give away your age and make you appear unhealthy. Rather than opting for an at home teeth-whitening kit, try “oil washing”. Swish coconut or olive oil around in your mouth for five minutes a day (experts say 20 minutes but strive for five minutes for now and work up to 20). Not only will it help whiten teeth but it will help your overall oral health.  

Lastly, if you notice any drastic change in your oral health, hair or skin, consult with a professional. Premature aging is a sign of your inner health, so if something is out of the ordinary, it’s better to be safe than sorry and talk to your doctor.