Your body has the magical ability to let you know something is wrong by giving you clues on the outside. These signs tell us our bodies are stressed and aging too quickly. Try slowing down and keep an eye on these signs if you think you look older than you really are.

1. Red Eyes

If you know they aren’t due to allergies, your red eyes may be a sign of premature aging. Chronic red eyes are a sign of inflammation and one of the biggest giveaways to our age. Try eating a more alkaline rich diet. Alkaline foods include ripe fruits, sprouts, greens, and other non-starchy vegetables. When you switch out fast food and fatty snacks for more wholesome ones, you will definitely notice a difference in your inflammation all around, your quality of life and most importantly, those red eyes.

2. Droopy Eye Lids

Droopy eye lids not only make us look tired, but they could also be an indicator of premature aging and thyroid dysfunction. In most cases, droopy lids are connected to oxidative stress, which allows free radicals to accumulate and cause cell damage in your body. Try eating blueberries for a snack or munching on carrots, to replenish your body of antioxidants and remember to drink lots of water.

3. Sagging Skin and Wrinkles

Although wrinkles and fine lines are normal as we age, if you’re seeing them early on they are definitely a sign of early aging and stress. Make sure you find a skincare routine to do every day, morning and night. One that is designed to help fight free radicals and prolong the elasticity of your skin with help keep wrinkles at bay and prevent sagging skin. Limit alcohol consumption and if you smoke, stop now while you still can! Of course, diet and exercise are also very important, so make sure you’re eating healthy and if you’re struggling to workout, find a workout buddy and make it daily girl time.

4. Skin Tone Change

Dry skin could be a thyroid problem, so definitely speak with a professional if you’re seeing dry patches or thirsty skin that it out of the norm. A weak thyroid indicates that your adrenals may not be making some of the hormones you need to stay energized and feel young. Give your thyroid and adrenals a break by skipping the soy and caffeine.

Try using whole foods and vegetables to power through your day. When you switch out coffee for a balanced meal, your thyroid can recover, and you will be able to instead rely on your body’s natural ability to sustain itself.

5. Consistent Stress and Fatigue

If your home or job life is stressful and you aren’t taking care of yourself in a way that will help you get rid and manage stress, cortisol is probably running wild in your blood stream, hurting your circulatory system, and helping weight gain. Stress is linked to chronic fatigue syndrome, can lead to heart disease and adrenal failure. Ultimately, if you’re stressed out, your body will experience damaging reactions and overall make you feel and look older.

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